Move On

from by Reckless Dodgers



Live like you won't be lasting long, she whispered
Then died right in my arms
Breaking promises ain't no fun
But you gotta do what you gotta do to move on
So, move on, my love

Take your time, don't make your moves too fast
Visualize your goals then weigh them first
Or you'll wind up in the past
Desperate challenges may lie ahead
Don't let them pall you into thoughts of stress
Arrested in your bed

Think of me
When you can't sleep
I'll be hiding in your dreams
And though I'm gone
Keep pressing on
Keep your head up, son, and walk tall

'Cause I know you can make it if you try
You've got your fathers strength and your mothers eyes
Don't let them get you down
In the end it's only love that keeps us around

Live like you got lots of change to spare
Generosity's not hard to see, but makes sure you're well aware
That there are thieves in the night, and they'll surely rob you blind
So, keep your feet planted in the ground and your eyes stuck on that prize

Think of me
When you can't breathe
Expand your chest, inhale deep
And summer's gone, but it won't be too long
Every sunset has it's dawn

I wanted to keep you around


from Relentless, released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Reckless Dodgers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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