If It Rains

from by Reckless Dodgers



I went to bed while covering my head
It's hard to breathe through a thick blanket
I awoke with a choking cough
I fell out of bed, dusted myself off
These days, they never end
All of us are dying with our lungs full of sand
Every night I kneel and I pray
Send some summer showers, wash this dirt away

'Cause if it rains
We're going to eat better tomorrow
Batten down the hatches, there's a big storm coming in
But if it rains
We're going to have more than dirt to swallow
If it rains, if it rains

I couldn't go to work, my land's been covered in earth
And grasshoppers have swallowed the sky
There's no crops anyhow, no use working the plow
Momma sits in the corner, all she can do is cry
And I know somehow if we stay put right now
We'll see it to the end and start to own this town
So we won't run, we're not scared, won't go anywhere
Make the best of this mess until we breathe fresh air

Dag nabit, I've been living here all my life
Grittin' teeth, just trying to survive
The ups and downs of this shantytown
Oh God, it's gotten me feeling so low
Still I can't let go


from Relentless, released August 1, 2014



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Reckless Dodgers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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