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I wrote your name deep down inside of an old hourglass
Kicked it over so I finally could forget at last
Grains of sand fell over all of my old memories
Covering pain, leaving my slate wiped clean
I'll take this keepsake, bury it down in a covered hole
Burn the map, destroy my tracks so no one will ever know
How much I've given, taken, and lost all in the name of love
Lay it to rest, hope for the best, it's not worth dreaming of

And I can't say that I miss all those crazy fights at night
When you've had to much to drink to speak
Yet you found something wrong with the way that I said

Hey, baby. Let's get to bed.
It's time to get some rest. Or at least get you fed
'Cause you're acting very strange
A pretty deranged little queen, caught up in her own fantasy

Dawned from the ashes of the passionate man I was
I'll search this soul and mend the holes, 'cause I'm still dreaming of
Walking tall, standing strong. Embraced this fate, now it's time to move on

I've had my time to dwell, spent many sleepless nights in hell
Come to grips with a quick fix, but sadly, whiskey no longer helps me tick

I'm over, I'm over, I'm over you
Scream it 'til my lungs collapse and face turns blue
It's over, It's over, I never knew
What a burden this shit was, God damn it, I'm fucking over you

I never wanted any more than happiness
Never wanted any more than just us
It never occurred to be, this fragile fucking heart could bleed
Never wanted anything... Just you and me

I'm not going to waste anymore of my time
Not going to let the past control my mind
Not going to worry about the silly things that you do
Right now, baby, I'm finally over you


from Relentless, released August 1, 2014



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Reckless Dodgers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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