by Reckless Dodgers

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released August 1, 2014

Andrew 'Stripes' Winter - Vocals/Bass
Jason Silvester - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Terranova - Drums/Vocals

Produced by: Reckless Dodgers and Mike Bardzik
Engineered and Mixed by: Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter
Mastered by: Stephen Egerton at Armstrong Recording
Artwork by: Dickula



all rights reserved


Reckless Dodgers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Sour Taste
I've got a mind full of distractions
Sometimes they really occupy me
I'll break your heart to see the reaction
Sorry hun. No more warm feelings
Can you tell if everything's alright?
Can you keep yourself warm at night?
There's no use in putting up a fight
Before you know it I'll be out of sight

So, what if I would say
I never liked it anyway
Would it be more than you could take
And would you be ok
If I left it all today
Or would it leave a sour taste

Tongue-in-cheek, a little blaspheming
A couple tears just to start the relief
You never thought I'd discover your disease
Well, maybe this time the blame you can keep

Don't pray for me
You'd waste the breath you breathe
I've got no need to be clean
If it were just up to me
I'd set all of you free
No more pain or fatigue
Track Name: Broken
Is it too late now
Yeah I bet it is
You traded in my used up heart
For a new one like his
And I can't let it go
God, I wish you'd stay
No amount of whiskey
Could dull this fucking pain

It happened again
It happened again
I let my broken heart get the better of me again

Beaten up and broken down
I feel so sad and soulless
Mending wounds by drinking booze
Repulsed by the thought of romance
And I'm plagued by dreams
Lost all hope of sleep
My heart, it bleeds
for any kind of sanity

It won't happen again
It won't happen again
I'll never let this fucked up heart get me down again

This too shall pass, shall pass me by
This too shall pass, shall pass me right fucking by
Track Name: Move On
Live like you won't be lasting long, she whispered
Then died right in my arms
Breaking promises ain't no fun
But you gotta do what you gotta do to move on
So, move on, my love

Take your time, don't make your moves too fast
Visualize your goals then weigh them first
Or you'll wind up in the past
Desperate challenges may lie ahead
Don't let them pall you into thoughts of stress
Arrested in your bed

Think of me
When you can't sleep
I'll be hiding in your dreams
And though I'm gone
Keep pressing on
Keep your head up, son, and walk tall

'Cause I know you can make it if you try
You've got your fathers strength and your mothers eyes
Don't let them get you down
In the end it's only love that keeps us around

Live like you got lots of change to spare
Generosity's not hard to see, but makes sure you're well aware
That there are thieves in the night, and they'll surely rob you blind
So, keep your feet planted in the ground and your eyes stuck on that prize

Think of me
When you can't breathe
Expand your chest, inhale deep
And summer's gone, but it won't be too long
Every sunset has it's dawn

I wanted to keep you around
Track Name: What Went Wrong?
Tasting copper, I'm spitting red
Feeling pavement against my head
Sirens wail, fucking fleeting screams
Am I alive or just half deceased?

There's no telling what went wrong
I'll just sit around singing this soured, sappy love song

You left me there just bleeding out
I tried to scream, but words numbed my mouth
Nailed to a cross that I never wished to bear
I'd ask for help, but you just don't care
Track Name: If It Rains
I went to bed while covering my head
It's hard to breathe through a thick blanket
I awoke with a choking cough
I fell out of bed, dusted myself off
These days, they never end
All of us are dying with our lungs full of sand
Every night I kneel and I pray
Send some summer showers, wash this dirt away

'Cause if it rains
We're going to eat better tomorrow
Batten down the hatches, there's a big storm coming in
But if it rains
We're going to have more than dirt to swallow
If it rains, if it rains

I couldn't go to work, my land's been covered in earth
And grasshoppers have swallowed the sky
There's no crops anyhow, no use working the plow
Momma sits in the corner, all she can do is cry
And I know somehow if we stay put right now
We'll see it to the end and start to own this town
So we won't run, we're not scared, won't go anywhere
Make the best of this mess until we breathe fresh air

Dag nabit, I've been living here all my life
Grittin' teeth, just trying to survive
The ups and downs of this shantytown
Oh God, it's gotten me feeling so low
Still I can't let go
Track Name: Sinking Feeling
I never really had a bad dream
Until the time you weren't there for me
It seems like all my plans have fallen through again
I never really felt so complete
Breaking bones in hopes to compete
With the thoughts and fists and pills to help me mend

Don't look down, we're falling underneath the ground
It feels so cold
So take my hand, I'll take you home

I never really had a dull time
Conversations filled with land mines
I know that it seems strange, but I sort of enjoyed myself
I always look for truth in your eyes
Sometimes it just seems like all lies
I understand that you care, but right now there's no help

Don't look down, we're falling underneath the ground
It feels so cold
So take my hand, I'll take you home
Don't know how, but we've got nowhere else to go
So take my hand, I'll take you home

Just like last time, I fell asleep with closed eyes
Awoke with an aching head and wondering why you left, again

It's no wonder I've this sinking feeling that I'll always be alone
Track Name: Hourglass
I wrote your name deep down inside of an old hourglass
Kicked it over so I finally could forget at last
Grains of sand fell over all of my old memories
Covering pain, leaving my slate wiped clean
I'll take this keepsake, bury it down in a covered hole
Burn the map, destroy my tracks so no one will ever know
How much I've given, taken, and lost all in the name of love
Lay it to rest, hope for the best, it's not worth dreaming of

And I can't say that I miss all those crazy fights at night
When you've had to much to drink to speak
Yet you found something wrong with the way that I said

Hey, baby. Let's get to bed.
It's time to get some rest. Or at least get you fed
'Cause you're acting very strange
A pretty deranged little queen, caught up in her own fantasy

Dawned from the ashes of the passionate man I was
I'll search this soul and mend the holes, 'cause I'm still dreaming of
Walking tall, standing strong. Embraced this fate, now it's time to move on

I've had my time to dwell, spent many sleepless nights in hell
Come to grips with a quick fix, but sadly, whiskey no longer helps me tick

I'm over, I'm over, I'm over you
Scream it 'til my lungs collapse and face turns blue
It's over, It's over, I never knew
What a burden this shit was, God damn it, I'm fucking over you

I never wanted any more than happiness
Never wanted any more than just us
It never occurred to be, this fragile fucking heart could bleed
Never wanted anything... Just you and me

I'm not going to waste anymore of my time
Not going to let the past control my mind
Not going to worry about the silly things that you do
Right now, baby, I'm finally over you
Track Name: Escapè
At first we lost power, the city fell fast
Darkened, cold windows barricaded with slats
As we wait, wait to be saved
Rigged fingers cast blame towards the damned and betrayed
Crawling through streets rising up from fresh graves
On their way, smells of decay

We've seen who's gone first
Now let's see who will last in this state
Surrendered my will, completely lost faith

Gathered in a forest on the outskirts of town
Sit stranded survivors, all well aware now
It's too late to turn back, they must follow their path
Keep grinding their axe or break down
No chances are taken to secure the groups fate past sundown

It's not safe, you gotta live and fight every day
There's no escape from this place

I'm dying. I can fucking feel it
My blood's run dry, my bones have weakened
If you see my skin start to recede
Pull the trigger, there's no time for grieving

It's not safe, you gotta live and fight every day
There's no escape from this place
I can't believe anything that you say
There's no escape from this place
Track Name: Waiting
If anything goes wrong tonight, well I
I wouldn't be surprised
It's not obscene to compromise
Just don't, don't give up the fight
You've got such brittle bones and you spend your nights there all alone
Just looking up to the sky
Well, I'd like to be the one that comes and sets you free
From all your pain and misery

Take a step, make a move
Hold your breath, this will all be over soon

Could never tell you why, she's just here waiting
For love to take her by the hand and give her heart a second chance
But you can't keep waiting, stand around anticipating
You'll never learn how to dance

It's not the first time, it sure as hell won't be the last
I just hope she doesn't laugh
The tangled webs we weave, they cut short the straws of sanity
I guess one chance was too much to ask
Track Name: Bloodstains
Now they can make things worse for me
Sometimes I'd rather die
They can tell me lots of things
But I don't see eye to eye

Well, I know they know the way I think
I know they always will
But someday I'm gonna change my mind
Sometimes I'd rather kill

Bloodstains, speed kills
Fast cars, cheap thrills
Rich girls, fine wine
I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I've lost my mind

Well, things seem so much different now
The [Incomprehensible] died away
I haven't got a steady job
And I've still got no place to stay

It's a futuristic modern world
But things aren't what they seem
Someday you'd better wake up
From this stupid fantasy

No more bloodstains, speed kills
Fast cars, cheap thrills
Rich girls, fine wine
I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I've lost my mind

Come on
Bloodstains, speed kills
Fast cars, cheap thrills
Rich girls, fine wine
I've lost my sense, I've lost control, I've lost my mind